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To submit your film for consideration, we'll need a few things, and a few things you need to agree on. We look at both Shorts and full length Features.

Movie Title:
I am the official representative for this film, and for Metahelion Digital to submit it on my behalf.
I agree to let Metahelion Digital place a :10 "Metahelion: Select" logo at the start or end of the movie.
I agree that this is a free service, and no revenue will be made from the downloads / views.
I agree that Metahelion Digital does not own the film I am submitting. I am free to distribute to other channels while it is on iTunes.
If I later want this film pulled from iTunes, I must provide 30 days notice to select@metahelion.com
There is no nudity in my film, and the language is mild.
TRT (Total Run Time) (5min to 2.5 hours)
Online Link to Preview (YouTube / Vimeo)
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